Debt Recovery & Collection in the UK

At First Legal Services (UK) Ltd, are debt collection specialists who will collect anywhere in the United Kingdom. We operate from Liverpool and we offer a comprehensive debt recovery facility to our clients, who may choose to use either the full service, or parts of it, to suit their own particular requirements.

We can tailor our service to your businesses specific needs. We are an experienced company with many years of experience with debt recovery and collection. We have the expertise and knowledge needed to get you back the money which is owed to you and have guaranteed results over a prolonged period to support our ever growing reputation within the debt recovery division.

If you have debtors who are avoiding your calls or making excuses then we can step in to assist. Our Liverpool based service can often be incorporated as an extension to assist your own credit control procedures. However small the debt, our recovery and collection procedures will mean that we can assist you in gaining back what is rightfully yours. We understand that within the corporate sector, that time is money and for this reason we aim to operate as quickly as possible, in line with all current regulations to recover the debt which is owed to you and collect the money from the debtor. As well as operating for corporate clients, we can also tailor our service for personal debt recovery.

If you have money owed to you by an individual, we can help to assist you in the debt collection process. Usually, it is a simple process that when you contact us, we will contact the debtor which will prompt them to pay the money owed. If the debt isn’t recovered at this stage, then we will then visit the person personally and try to resolve the issue in person. As a last resort, which doesn’t happen very often, we will collect the debt through a payment plan in which the debtor will pay for the money in installments, whilst making guarantees and added security such as being able to seize goods if the debtor doesn’t or cannot pay.

So, if you are looking for a professional debt collection company, who are experts in recovering debts on a regular basis, contact our Liverpool office today.

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